AR Partners with Shin Tekk

May 4, 2017Posted by Byron Kimmel


Alliance Running has partnered with the Middleboro, MA company Shin Tekk. Their featured product the Shin Tekk battles the arch nemisis of runners and athletes alike..."shin splints". The ShinTekk increases the bio-mechanical efficiency of the legs by enhancing strength and flexibility. By utilizing the physical therapy technique of resisted dorsiflexion exercise, the ShinTekk engages the muscles and ligaments of the lower leg like never before to build strength where it's needed most. Click the image for more details.ShinTekk™



Janurary 15, 2017Posted by Byron Kimmel


The Miami County Park District will once again sponsor its annual trail series. This year's series features 5K trail races at Hobart Nature Preserve, Garbry Big Woods Reserve, Lost Creek Reserve, Stillwater Prairie Reserve, and Charleston Falls Preserve. The series is open to all levels--including walkers. The series also features a team challenge for groups of 10 or more (a registration discount applies). Series Flyer